UPDATED: Banned Writers Project: Payment Co. and Press Policy Lists

March 15, 2012

42 Publishers’ and Presses’ Submission Policies, and  16 Payment Service Policies Examined    

UPDATED:  4/4/12

Fellow Writers and Readers,

You’ll notice on the menu bar two new options “Payment Services” and “Publishers/Presses”. These are lists that, with your help, will become valuable resources to our community, for those seeking places to publish and ways to engage in commerce. Please take a look at these pages and see what you think. And, if you can, please help populate them with information. If the last two weeks have taught me anything, it’s that collective effort works.


UPDATE 3/19/12

STATUS: 12 Payment services rated; 36 Press/Publishers rated. If you’re looking for a press/publisher or payment service, these pages may be of use to you!

We are still and always seeking updated information and information on new services/links. If you represent any of these services/publishers/presses and wish to make clarifications or updates, please leave comments on the pages.