From J.R. Wesley: Alternate to PayPal – Dwolla Makes their Policy Clear

March 13, 2012

Behind the scenes, a lot of small publishers have been working their asses off trying to find alternatives to PayPal. In truth, no matter whether PayPal changes its policy or not, I think we’ve all learned our lessons regarding putting all our transactional eggs in one basket. Robust competition is always the best and healthiest way to maintain a stable economic system.

J.R. Wesley, from Crimson Melodies, has been doing a grinding but essential job seeking out microtransaction alternatives to paypal. Today they got a very clear response from Dwolla: if it’s legal, it’s okay with them:

Thank you for very much for reaching out to us. We appreciate the inquiry and the obvious time and thought you put into it. Per our Terms and Service as long as the item or service being sold via Dwolla is not deemed illegal then you are able to utilize the Dwolla system. If at any time a dispute arose or we received word that Dwolla was being utilized in the transfer of illegal goods, the situation would be dealt with on case by case basis.

Please read the whole post here, but the Dwolla letter is at the bottom of the post

Crimson Melodies