Revisiting the Past: Bukowski on Censorship #censorship #paypal #erotica

March 11, 2012

I am not dismayed that one of my books has been hunted down and dislodged from the shelves of a local library. In a sense, I am honored that I have written something that has awakened these from their non-ponderous depths. But I am hurt, yes, when somebody else’s book is censored, for that book, usually is a great book and there are few of those, and throughout the ages that type of book has often generated into a classic, and what was once thought shocking and immoral is now required reading at many of our universities.”

In light of the recent PayPal debacle concerning erotica, I came across this and thought it terribly poignant that over 50 years after he wrote this letter, we are still having the same stupid argument.

You can read the letter in its eloquent entirety here:

Letters of Note