An Open Letter to PayPal and Ebay from #censorship #erotica #PayPal

March 8, 2012

March 8, 2012

eBay Inc.
2065 Hamilton Avenue
San Jose, California

PayPal USA
2211 North First Street
San Jose, CA

Attn: Scott Shipman,
Jonathan Fox,
Jonathan Muller,

Dear Sirs,

I am writing to you on behalf of a coalition of readers, writers and publishers who are angered and disappointed by PayPal’s decision to pressure online e-Book retailers to restrict the kind of books that their customers can buy based on content. We would greatly appreciate an explanation as to why PayPal has decided to take this action at this time.

The books in question are works of fiction. They do not infringe on any law. They are protected speech under the First and Fifth amendments of the US Constitution and under Civil and Political Rights, Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

We feel it is entirely inappropriate for an online financial transaction facilitator such as PayPal to act as arbiter of taste, literary critic or guardian of public morality. We have a representative government to create laws against what it considers a credible threat to the public good. As your own membership mechanism can limit minors from using your services, and eBook retailers require registration and PayPal sign-in, it is both patronizing and insulting to deny your customers, as adults, the right to choose their reading material for themselves.

Furthermore, as the vast majority of books affected by your recent actions are works written by women, for women readers, one of the most notable consequences has been a stifling of women’s writing on their own sexualities. Intentional or not, your actions are discriminatory in the extreme.

We strongly suggest you reconsider your interference in the buying and selling of legal literary works of fiction.



Madeleine Morris
On Behalf of the undersigned members of
a coalition to stop the economic censorship of books, members listed below


Alessia Brio
Anjesa Savitri
Aurelia T. Evans
Beth Wallace
Bianca Sommerland
Brandie Buckwine
Bunny’s Review
Carl East
Cecilia Duvalle
Corinna Parr
D. L. King
Diana Hardy
Eden Connor
Elizabeth Schechter
Erica Sloane
Evan J. Xavier
Gabriel Fitzpatrick
Gideon Jagged
Gillian Colbert
Giselle Renarde
Grim Desborough
I.G. Frederick
J.S. Wayne
Janine Ashbless
Jasmine Dayne
Jayme Whitfeld
Jean-Luc Cheri
Jessica Freely
Kathryn Scannell
Kayelle Allen
Keziah Hill
Kristina Lloyd
Lance Greencastle
Laura Antoniou
Leigh Jarrett
Narcisse Navarre
Marzio Ombra
Madeleine Morris
Michelle Merlin
Ms T. Garden
Pat Brown
Paul St. Pancras
Phoenix Wolf-Rayet
Poe Von Page
Raziel Moore
Robin Samson
Sable Jordan
Selena Kitt
Sessha Battousai
Vanessa Wu
Violet Williams
Zoe Galeazzi

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