NCAC & ABFFE Responses

March 4, 2012

I wrote a letter of thanks to the National Coalition Against Censorship and to the American Booksellers Foundation For Free Expression, expressing my gratitude for their efforts on behalf of writers and readers everywhere.

This morning, I received emails back from both parties assuring me that the press release they published on Friday is only the beginning of their effort to try to persuade PayPal to reconsider its position.


Thanks for your note.  We got our press release out so late on Friday that we were afraid no one would notice.

Joan Bertin at the National Coalition Against Censorship and I are committed to continuing to press PayPal to withdraw its threats to booksellers.  You should be hearing more about our efforts soon.


Christopher Finan, president
American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression (ABFFE)
19 Fulton St., Suite 407
New York, NY 10038
(212) 587-4025, ext. 4 (office)
(917) 509-0340 (cell)


Dear Madeleine,

Thanks for the email.  We hope these efforts – and more to come – will have some effect on PayPal’s practices.  We’re probably as angry about what they’re doing as you are.  BTW, we have no problem defending books about “taboo” subjects.  It’s what we do every day!
Best regard,


It is incredibly heartening to know that these groups are in our camp and on our side. I have responded with a letter asking them to let us know if there is anything that Banned Writers can to for them or on their behalf.