The Electronic Frontier Foundation Weighs in

March 3, 2012
Electronic Frontier Foundation

Rainey Reitman from the Electronic Frontier Foundation blogs about PayPal and their pressure to control content on eBook Retail outlets.

Here is the letter of thanks I sent her:

Dear Ms. Reitman,

Thank you so much for taking the time to write about the unfolding situation with PayPal and their attempt to control the content of eBooks sold on Smashwords.

They have done the same thing on every otherĀ  online e-book retailer who carries erotica with the exception of Amazon and Barnes & Noble, who process their own payments.

We have formed a coalition of erotica writers concerned about this issue. Many of us have had our books banned from sale on these sites.

At this time, after a great deal of investigation, it appears that all online microtransaction companies have begun to take the same line as PayPal.

We are not sure what is happening, but we know it is grave. We know it means that financial clearing houses are dictating what readers can purchase and read and that these ‘banned’ works are perfectly legal fictional texts.

Thank you again for speaking out on the subject.

On behalf of Banned Writers,

Remittance Girl