Selena Kitt’s List

March 3, 2012

Below is a list of blog posts that the lovely Selena Kitt kindly sent me:


Slippery Slope Part 2: Why Frogs Boil

Thoughts of the (non)Evils of Erotica by Esmeralda Greene

In Defense of Sex by Lucy Morgan

Erotica Vs Porn – What is the Difference by Hazel Mills

Erotica – A Medium for Writers by Mary Chi

Banning Book and Blocking Authors by Michelle McCleod

How I Became a Dirty Writer and Why by Sommer Marsden

Paypal, Bookstrand and Censorship by Marlene Sexton

Paypal, Bookstrand and Censorship Part 2 by Marlene Sexton

Paypal is at it Again by Marlene Sexton

Why Erotica is a Wonderful Thing by Evelyn Rae

Erotica is Not Bad by Raven York

Don’t Judge Me by Kiki Howell

The Importance of Being Erotic by Giselle Renarde

Writing Made Me a Better Person by Giselle Renarde

S-E-X by Alessia Brio

Censorship in the Land of the Free by Molly Wens

Big Erotica Freeze is Coming by ME Hydra

PayPal, eBay, Visa, and MasterCard Equate All Kinky Erotica with Pr0n by SV Rowle

In Defense of Erotica by Leighann Phoenix

But Paypal I Thought We Were Friends by Sable Jordan

Marketplace Censors by Candace Blevins

On the Front Lines of Erotica by Jennifer Campbell

I’m Not 18 Anymore by Giselle Renarde

The Self Publishing Revolution: Slippery Slope Part 2: Why Frogs Boil