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February 28, 2012

I am hoping the wonderful SV Rowle will not mind that I have reposted her marvelous list of blog posts on the PayPal issue. Please go and read her whole post. It’s concise and intelligent.


February 16th:
PayPal, BookStrand and Censorship (Marlene Sexton) *
Censorship Spreading to Ebookstores? (Tessie L’Amour) *  ***
All Those Angered by Censorship Should Take Notice (Tessie L’Amour) *
Censorship and PayPal: UnConstitutional and WRONG (J. S. Wayne) *  ***

February 17th:
PayPal, BookStrand and Censorship, Part 2 (Marlene Sexton) *
Bookstrand, Paypal and Site Move… Oh My! (Adelaide Cooper) *

February 19th:
Slippery Slope: Erotica Censorship (Selina Kitt) *  ***, Slippery Slope: Erotica Censorship (cross-posted at her personal blog) *
Censorship… Who Has the Right? (One-Handed Writers) *

February 20th:
PayPal Is At It Again! (Marlene Sexton)
Monday News and Deals: Paypal Obscenity Crackdown, Fake Amazon Reviews, & Earnings Roundup (Dear Author) *

February 21st:
Tuesday News: New Nook Pricing, Kindle Rumors, Reader Data, and Paypal Clarification (Dear Author) *  ***
BookStrand No More… (Cat Johnson)
BookStrand Axing Indie Publishers? (KindleBoards)
Episode 213 – Publishing Erotica With Selena Kitt (The Dead Robot’s Society) **
The PayPal Fiasco Continues (Adelaide Cooper) *
Indie Authors Now Banned from BookStrand (Adelaide Cooper) *
BookStrand Stops Selling Indie Titles Entirely (Tessie L’Amour) *
All Romance eBooks Has Unilaterally De-listed Some of My Books  (Tessie L’Amour)  *
Putting the World According to PayPal in Perspective (One-Handed Writers)*
BANNED from BookStrand and All Romance eBooks (Katie Cramer) *
Banned by PayPal (Saffron Sands) *
Here’s the Thing… (Rachel Boleyn) *

February 22nd:
All Romance EBooks Clarification (Dear Author) * ***
Where Is My Smut?! (Abbey Kyner)

February 23rd:
Bookstrand Kicks Out “Most” Indie Authors! (Censorship?) (Giselle London)
How I Became a Dirty Writer and Why I Have the Right To Continue… (Sommer Marsden)
PayPal and Censorship (Musclaneous)
Banning Books and Blocking Authors: A Reader Alert (Michelle McCleod)
Erotica Is Not Bad (Rayven York)
S-E-X (Alessia Brio)

February 24th:
Slippery Slope Part 2: Why Frogs Boil (Selena Kitt), Slippery Slope Part 2: Why Frogs Boil (Cross-posted at The Self-Publishing Revolution)
To All Smashwords Authors, Publishers, and Literary Authors Who Publish Erotica at Smashwords (Smashwords)
Saturday News: No Deals Just Stupidity and Smashwords Concedes to Paypal Terms (Dear Author) ***
An Open Letter to PayPal (Lauren Gallagher / L. A. Witt)
Paypal Moves Against Smashwords, Mark Coker Responds (MERGED THREAD) (KindleBoards) ***
In Defense of Erotica (Violet Williams)
Smashwords Falls Victim to PayPal (Marlene Sexton)
(Adelaide Cooper)
Censorship and Erotica (Suzi Gorse)
PayPal – The Internet Censor (Maggie Chatterley)
More Censorship (Esmeralda Greene)
CENSORSHIP BE DAMNED! – [Reblog of Rusty Nale’s Post] (Black Door Press)
Don’t Blame Smashwords or Paypal: The Frontier Moved for Indie Authors, It’s Time to Move With It (Dan Holloway)

February 25th:

Saturday News: No Deals Just Stupidity and Smashwords Concedes to Paypal Terms (Dear Author) ***
PayPal Cracks Down on Erotica E-book Sales (TeleRead)
Erotic Censorship and a Home for the Homeless Books (Erica Pike — thanks for the link back, Erica!)
Addressing a “Getting Out There” Question (No Boundaries Press)
Smashwords Succumbs to Censorship (The Digital Reader)
Paypal Enforces Vanilla Sex Only Erotica (Morgan Drake)
IMPORTANT: Smashwords Forced to Censor Books by Paypal: Barnes & Noble, Apple, Kobo, Sony Customers Affected (Katie Cramer)
Two Legs Bad: An Open Letter to Mark Coker (Remittance Girl)
Paypal: Taking a Sledgehammer to Artistic Freedom (Alexx Andria)
Smashwords Bans Erotica – Sort Of (Fighting Monkey Press)
Paypal Is a Fascist Librarian and Here’s What To Do About It (Michelle McCleod)
“I Know It When I See It” and Other Random Thoughts (Something More)
And There Goes Another One (Smashwords) (Rayven York)
SWIMMING WITH SHARKS: PayPal and Censorship (Virginia Wade)
PayPal Decides It Is the Morality Police (Ruth Madison)
Workblog for the Week: Awards! Plague! Censorship! (Sin Is Beautiful)
Help! Help! I’m Being Repressed! (Saffron Sands)
Censorship Anyone? (Shauna Klein)
The Changing Dystopian World of Erotica (Aurelia T. Evans)
Censorship of Erotica is Bad and Wrong (Sidonie Spice)
(L. B. Darling)
PayPal Censoring Erotica Writers – Who Will They Censor Next? (Mid-Journey)
An Update on Damaged Goods and the PayPal/Smashwords Fiasco (Lucy Rodgers)
Smashwords and PayPal – Erotica Dispute (Adelaye Hearst)
PayPal – The Morality Dictator (Rae Spencer)
Don’t Tell Me What I Can’t Do (Amelia James) ***
CENSORED – All Over the Internet (Amanda Charvi)
Censorship – Another Slippery Slope (Steve Perry)
The Missionary Position (Polly J. Adams)
Humans Are Sexual Creatures (S. J. Reiner / Anne O’Connell, The Quadrant)
Do You Want Me Barefoot and Pregnant, Too? An Open Letter to PayPal (Eden Connor) ***
Smashwords Begins to Censor Its Erotica Titles. (Mari Stroud)
PayPal-Imposed Morality (Alessia Brio)
Smashwords to Remove Countless Erotica Titles from Its Store (M.K. Elliott)
A Brief Message from Our Sponsor, Freedom of Speech (Gigglegasm)
An Open Letter to Mark Coker (Jesse V. Coffey)
WELP. SmashWords Has Fallen. (and Other News) (Abbey Kypner)
More Thoughts On PayPal’s Latest Erotica Ban. (Corinna Parr)
Yep, Life Is Getting Harder for the Indie Author (Ruth Ann Nordin, Self-Published Authors Lounge)
Paypal, Smashwords and Bookstrand – Erotic Romance/Erotica and Pr0n (Valerie Douglas)

February 26th:
PayPal As Moral Police?  Forces E-Book Sellers To Remove Certain Erotica Content (Ingrid Lunden, TechCrunch)
Agreements Are Complete–Indie Authors and Publishers — NBP as Vendor (also NBP)
I Wasn’t Raped by a Guy Not My Dad, during which No Children and Animals Were Present (Cherry Allen, One-Handed Writers)

February 26th, Part 2:
I Like My Erotica Uncensored! (C. J. Roberts)
PayPal Censoring Books: Apocalypse to Follow (Renee Miller)
Time for a Confession (Maggie Chatterley)
Smashwords Tightens Up On Permitted Erotica (Ebooks R Us)
The Price of Freedom of Speech (Alt-World)
Smashwords Clamps Down on Bestiality, Rape and Ince$t Erotica (Indie BookSpot)
It’s Obscene: PayPal, Erotica and Censorship (loveyoudivine)

Terms of Censorship (Raziel Moore)
In Other Possibly Related News:
Gingrich, Santorum & Romney Vow to Make Porn Illegal if Elected President (Unicorn Booty)


And recently, some of the heavyweights have weighed in today:


Violet Blue, on ZDNet.com

Andrew Shaffer on HuffPo