An Invitation to the “Banned Writers” blog

January 4, 2012

I am not sure yet what this place is going to be, but the writers who felt the PayPal whip and were asked to remove their works off AllRomance eBooks, BookStrand and Smashwords (I’m sure others will follow soon) and have been flung into the void need to stick together.

We are literate, we are smart.

We need to find solutions.

We are stronger together than we are apart.

Let us not put ourselves in the same position as these e-book sellers did of trying to negotiate our rights individually. Had they put aside their differences as business competitors and banded together, PayPal might not have had as easy a time imposing its will on them.

We represent a considerable force as a group.

Banned Writers is not a commercial site. It’s not a place for you to sell your banned works. It is a space to write about censorship, conceive of ways around the current commercial forces set against us, to expose the issues that surround the censoring of fictional literature of any kind and to link to other places on the web where this debate is being fought out on the electronic landscape.

Some of the writers who will belong to this group may write about topics you find personally offensive. We all have our personal no-go areas. The point is not to argue whose ‘obscenity’ is beyond the pale. It is to acknowledge that our readers have the right to decide what they want to read for themselves. That being said, we are hoping this will be a place of vibrant and passionate debate on what freedom of expression means: to writers, to readers, to the culture. Inevitably, we will hold differing opinions on the limits of that freedom and on the consequences of its absence. Hopefully, we can discuss this with respect for each others’ opinions.

If you have been affected by the recent PayPal censorship cull, or simply a writer or publisher who knows how valuable it is to promote freedom of expression in fiction, within the law, then we want your company, your help and your good ideas.

To become a member of Banned Writers, please leave a comment below, including your email address and website or blog URL.

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